3rd Pioneer Introduction
1915 The 48th Overseas Battalion
1916 48th to 3rd Pioneer
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3rd Pioneer at Vimy Ridge
1917 The Breakup of 3rd Pioneer
Transferred into 29th Battalion
How the 29th Battalion Saw It
Those Who Fell: Honor Roll
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Badges & Insignia
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Badges and Insignia

The 48th and 3rd Pioneer battalions had no colours (regimental flag) but had cap and collar badges.

Their mascot was a bear called "Bruno."

48th example 48th example 48th Officer
3rd example 3rd collar

A popular 'grizzly bear' pattern other ranks collar badge to the 3rd Canadian Pioneers (Babin E.1-3, Charlton 70-3-3-4) by Tiptaft but not maker marked.

3rd example