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3rd Pioneer at Vimy Ridge
April 1917

1. On Z day the Canadian Corps will undertake the capture of Vimy Ridge from COMMANDANT HOUSE (B.7d) to KENNEDY CRATER (S.9.c.1.2.) in conjunction with operations of the XVII Corps.
2. (a) The 3rd Canadian Division will attack and consolidate their objectives in accordance with the detailed plans and orders already issued.
(b) After reaching the final objective of the Division, the 7th and 8th Canadian Infantry Brigades will arrange to push patrols forward towards BOIS DU CAMP POURRI (S.23b), PETIT VIMY and VIMY in order to ascertain whether the defences of these localities are occupied. The protective barrages will be lifted at the request of the Brigades to enable this to be done.
3. The 2nd Canadian Division (5th Canadian Inf. Bde.) is attacking on the right and the 4th Canadian Division (11th Canadian Inf. Bde) attacking on the left of the 3rd Canadian Division. Details of their plans have been communicated to all concerned.
4. Z hour will be communicated separately to all concerned.
5. The S.O.S. Signal will be RED, either rockets or Very Lights. As many as possible fired in quick succession.
6. When objectives are reached the Divisional distinguishing flags will be waved, NOT stuck in the ground.
Flags will be carried as below:-
3rd Canadian Division BLACK & RED.
2nd Canadian Division YELLOW FLAG with BLACK Maple Leaf, reverse Khaki.
4th Canadian Division RED.
7. The 2nd Canadian Division are also using a signal of three WHITE Very Lights to denote that their objectives are reached.
The 3rd Canadian Division will not use light signals.
8. The O.C. 172nd Tunnelling Company will arrange to blow the two bored communication trenches at Z - thirty seconds.
9. This Battalion will be engaged upon consolidation work as follows:-
PARTY NO. 1 150 men under Command of Major Howarth. Tools:-
120 shovels, and 10 picks.
PARTY NO. 2 200 men under Command of Major Wilson. Tools:-
180 shovels and 20 picks.
Reconstruction of road leading from NEUVILLE ST. VAAST towards LA FOLIE Farm with a divergence around the TWIN craters.
PARTY NO. 3 100 men under Command of Major Campbell. Tools:-
90 shovels and 10 picks.
Cleaning out of ARTILLERIE WEG.
PARTY NO. 4 100 men under Command of Capt. McFarlane. Tools:-
90 shovels and 10 picks.
Cleaning out of PRINZ ARNOLF GRABEN.
10. Companies will be assembled at PIONEER CAMP at Zero hour and will be ready to move at any time thereafter on 15 minute notice.
11. Orders for the movement of working parties, other than party No. 1., will be received by phone at the Orderly Room and transmitted from there to the Officers in command of parties.
12. Company Commanders will be responsible for the proper equipment and preparedness of their Companies. A meal should be carried in the pocket or haversack, and water bottles filled. Ammunition, 50 rounds per man.
13. The Adjutant will keep in touch with the C.R.E. and for that purpose will stay at FORT GEORGE during the time the Battalion is out in front.
14. Major. J.F. Templeton will take charge of PIONEER CAMP.
Signed: Holmes, Lieut. Colonel. Commanding 3rd Canadian Pioneer Battalion.

1. Camp will be moved tomorrow, 15-4-17, to A.1.N.E, West of the ARRAS-BETHUNE Road and East of PONT St.
2. Companies will go out on work as usual, leaving Camp at 7:00 a.m. but before leaving will strike all their tents and put them complete in the tent bags.
Men will carry their complete kits less one blanket on the way to work and will leave packs on the site of the new camp.
The remainder of the blankets will be made up in rolls of ten and left with tent.
3. Each Company will leave behind 15 men to assist in moving and to put up tents on new ground.
4. Transport.
Seven G.S. Wagons and four limbers are available for the move. These will report at PIONEER CAMP at 8:00 a.m. and will take the tents and whatever else possible on the first load.
After unloading at new camp three G.S. Wagons will go into NEUVILLE ST. VAAST and as usual carry fascines for the road.
The remaining 4 G.S. Wagons and the limbers will return to PIONEER CAMP for a second load.
The Transport Officer will if possible arrange for all the above mentioned transport to stay at PIONEER CAMP tomorrow night, and be there available for moving the remains of the camp on the 16th inst.
Horses will be required for the four field kitchens and water carts will be moved in the morning.
As soon as possible after the move from PIONEER CAMP is completed, all transport together with Q.M. Stores, etc., will move from GOUY to the new camp.
As other transport is also moving to the vicinity of our new camp the Transport Officer should without delay make arrangements to locate and hold a suitable site for our transport.
Reveille on 15-4-17 will be at 5:00 a.m.
Vimy Ridge

Vimy Ridge April 9th, 1917