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War Diary of 3rd Pioneer Battalion, September 1916, Usna Hill

Sept. 21/22 Twenty three other ranks sick and wounded and 58 Reinforcements reported for duty.
One party of 250 men under Major F.B. WILSON and 3 officers dug 400 yards of C.T. from R.34.b.2.9 to R.28.d.8.4 PICCADILLY CIRCUS, to an average depth of 5 feet.
Another party under Capt. H.B. MOGG and 1 officer and 150 men, repaired and deepened CENTRE WAY from X.4.a.9.9 to SUNKEN ROAD.
Casualties. 6 wounded including 2 remained at duty.

Sept. 22/23 One party of 125 men under Major A.W. WILBY and 1 officer dug about 300 yards of trench from the east branch of PICCADILLY CIRCUS, past LONE TREE to front line. The west branch of PC trench was also widened and deepened for about 100 feet from TOM'S CUT.
Another party of 200 men under Capt. J.F. CAMPBELL and 2 officers, cleared FLEET ST. from R.34.c.4.8 to R34.a.5.2 and dug from R.34.c.5.2 a distance of 250 yds towards PC.
Another party of 75 men under Capt. R.H. WINSLOW, started a trench from a point 40 yards N of R.28.d.9.6 and dug same in a westerly direction for 200 yds, average depth 5 feet.
Casualties. Capt. R.H. WINSLOW wounded, one other rank killed, and 13 wounded, including 5 remained at duty.

Sept. 23/24 One party of 130 Pioneers and 200 Infantry under Major F.B WILSON, widened and deepened the east leg of PC from the junction of TOM'S CUT to front line of R.28.d.8.8. Excavated and improved support trench E. and W. from LONE TREE, R.28.d.8.7 connecting with Lieut. W.S. MARSHALL's party on the West side.
Another party under Lieut. W.S. MARSHALL of 135 Pioneers, reconstructed the W. branch of PC from Coy. Hd. Qrs to Front line. Dug a C.T. from R.28.c.9.4 for 200 yards in direction of LONE TREE.
Another party of 130 Pioneers under Capt. C.H. PITTS and one officer cleared TOM'S CUT to PC and thence westerly to R.28.c.9.1.
The following officers reported for duty. Capt. G.E. SCOTT, Lieuts. H.H.B. ABBOTT, and C.R.GRYSDALE.

Sept. 24/25 A party of 250 men under Lieut. G.E. CHAFFEY and 2 officers dug a trench from Coy. Hd. Qrs. PC, South-west 350 yards, connecting with FLEET ST., also trench west of FLEET ST. deepened and widened for 300 yards.
Sept. 25/26 Lieuts. E.A.M. TOWNSEND, H.A. INGLIS, R.McG.. HART, R.N. BRASSEY reported for duty with the battalion.
No parties were sent out this day.

Sept. 26/27 30 other ranks, reinforcements reported for duty.
A party of 250 men under Capt. D.F. SCOTT and two officers were detailed to carry out wounded from R.28.c.91/4.0. This was during the attack and capture of the ridge which runs N.W. of COURCELETTE to the SCHWABEN Redoubt.

Sept. 27/28 Capt. R.H. WINSLOW returned to duty from hospital.
A party of 200 men and 3 officers under Major F.B. WILSON opened up a trench from R.28.c.4.5 intersecting ZOLLERN TRENCH at approx. R.28.a.5.6, thence northerly to intersection of HESSIAN TRENCH at R.22.c.8.5.
Another party of 250 men and two officers under Capt. R.H. WINSLOW completed 800 yards of trench from R.28.b.4.2 north to HESSIAN TRENCH. Also trench from R.29.a.1.4 to R.29.a.3.1 cleaned out and tunnelled under track.
Capt. G.E. SCOTT severely wounded, two other ranks killed, 15 wounded including 4 remained at duty.

Sept. 28/29 A party of 100 men and 1 officer under Capt. J.F. CAMPBELL were detailed to cover a cable to depth of 3' 6" from POZIERES CEMETERY north for 250 yds. They also excavated and relaid old cable from R.28.d.1.2 to R.28.a.9.1 approx. 500 yds; also laid 12 new cables and covered same to depth of 3 feet.
Another party of 50 men under Lieut. J. KEYES, graded a tram line ready for steel for 150 yards.
Casualties. Other ranks 5 wounded.

Sept. 29/30 One party of 200 men and 1 officer under Lieut. C.W. ERLEBACH excavated a trench for a cable for 375 yards; depth 3' 6" width 4".
A party of 50 men under Lieut. B.A. CRAIG were employed on road repair work.
Another party of 100 men under Lieut. G.E.G. CRAIG were repairing the road close to the WINDMILL at R.35.c.
Another party of 100 men under Lieut. F.W. WHITE worked on tramway extension.
Casualties. 2 other ranks killed and 4 wounded.

Sept. 30/Oct. 1 One party of 200 Pioneers, 300 Corps Cavalry, 150 Corps Cyclists and 3 officers under Major WILBY, dug a cable trench of approx. 1000 yds, average depth 8 feet from R.28.c.9.1 to dug-out in ZOLLERN trench at R.28.b.21/2.7. Laid 400 yards of cable from each end and back filled to average depth of 3 feet.
Another party of 200 men under Capt. J.F. CAMPBELL filled shell holes on road for 300 yds SE of POZIERES.
Another party of 100 men under Lieut. D. SMITH opened up REGENT ST. to an average depth of 5 feet from R.28.a.4.2 to R.28.a.4.5
Casualties, other ranks 3 wounded.
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