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French-Canadian Battalions, C.E.F.

Armée canadienne, Bataillons canadien-français

The only French-speaking battalion to reach France was the 22nd. Another 13 battalions recruited in Canada, some reached England. All fed the 22nd. French-speakers were also found in many other Québec-based English-speaking battalions, as well as other non-Québec battalions.

"It is impossible to authenticate the various "statistics" concerning French-Canadian enlistments that were bandied about in the press and on the public platform during this period and since. In official military records all Canadian-born were treated alike as "Canadian". When attesting a man on enlistment into the Canadian Expeditionary Force no attempt was made to establish his nationality beyond recording the country of his birth. The only question on the Attestation Form bearing directly on this point read: "In what town, township or parish and in what country were you born?" Thus when Sir Robert Borden gave the House of Commons figures "furnished to me by the Department of Militia and Defence", showing that up to 31 March 1918 there had been despatched overseas, 147,505 Canadians born "of British descent", and 16,268 Canadian-born "of French descent", the accuracy of his information must be questioned. (Nicholson, Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919, 1964:317)"

Unit Number Block Name Lt. Col. Date Sailed Officers Other Ranks Where Formed Destination
22nd 61001-64000 Canadien Français Gaudet, F.M. May 20, 1915 36 1097 PQ, St. Jean 5th Brigade
41st 416001-418000; 486501-486550 Canadien Français Archambeault, Louis-H. October 18, 1915 36 1082 PQ, Québec abs 10th Reserv
57th 448001-451000 Canadien Français Paquette, E.T. June 2, 1916 18 419 PQ, Québec abs 69th; 10th Reserve
69th 120001-123000 Dansereau, J. Adolphe April 17, 1916 34 1023 PQ, Montréal abs 10th Reserve
*117th* 748001-751000 Eastern Township Gilbert, L.J. August 14, 1916 36 856 PQ, Sherbrooke abs 23rd Reserve
150th 847001-850000 Carabiniers Mont Royal Barre, Hercule September 23, 1916 24 515 PQ, Montréal abs 14th, 22nd, 24th, 87th, 5th CMR
163rd 666001-663000 Canadien Français Desrosiers, Henri November 27, 1916 38 822 PQ, Montréal Bermuda; abs 10th Reserve
165th 666001-669000 French Acadian D'Aigle, Louis-C. March 28, 1916 24 526 NB, Moncton abs 13th Reserve and CFC
167th 672001-675000 Canadien Français (Chasseurs) Readman, Onésisme PQ Recruiting PQ, Québec redesignated PQ Recruiting Depot 1917
*171st* 684001-687000 Québec Rifles Price, Sir William November 23, 1916 27 574 PQ, Québec abs 148th, 5th Pioneer, 20th Reserve
178th 856001-859000 Canadien Français de la Bruere Girouard, René-Arthur March 3, 1917 20 415 PQ, Victoriaville abs 10th Reserve
189th 889001-892000 Canadien Français Piuze, Philippe-Auguste September 23, 1916 26 595 PQ, Frazerville abs 69th
206th 243001-246000 Canadien Français Pagnuelo, Tancrede Sent Drafts to Bermuda PQ, Montréal abs 157th Bermuda
230th 1012001-1015000 Voltigeurs Canadien Français de Salaberry, René January 23, 1917 18 687 ON, Brockville 230th CFC
233rd 1021001-1024000 Canadien Français Leprohon, Edouard Absorbed by 178th MB, Winnipeg abs 178th
258th 1105001–1108000 Canadien Français Blondin, P.E. October 6, 1917 16 215 PQ, Québec abs 10th Reserve

*The 117th Eastern Township and 171st Québec Rifles appealed to French-speakers to enlist. The 14th (Royal Montréal Regiment) Battalion out of Montréal had about 250 men (two companies) in its original enlistment group.

150th Cap Badge

150th Cap Badge