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John William Mitson

John Mitson's story is created by his grandson from a few family memories, his British Army Form B. 265 Short Service, the 1881 Census, and his Death Certificate. There are no photographs, no medals, no ephemera, no headstone.

Attestation of No. 5838, John Mitson, Manchester Regiment

Born Marylebone, London, Middlesex

Aged 19 years 3 months in September 1899

British subject, Labourer, never been away from fatherís house, never been apprenticed, never been married, never been imprisoned

Served in militia, 4th Middlesex Regiment

Signed 25th September 1899 at Hounslow

Medical exam at Hounslow:
5'5" 116 lbs, 32-34 Chest; Freckled complexion, Hazel eyes, Brown hair, Church of England
Large cicatrice (scar) right thigh, Indistinct tattooing both forearms

Approving officer, 7/57 Regtl. Dists, signed 29th September 1899 at Hounslow

1895 Manchester

Manchesters 1895


Middlesex Regiment Flag