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December 21st, 1914

1st Manchesters, British Expeditionary Force, month of December 1914

20th December, 1 Officer KIA, 26 Other Ranks KIA; 21st December 76 ORs KIA. The casualty figures are for 21st December 1914 with no officers killed on that date.
(SDGW CD-Rom gives 76 ORs KIA for 21st and 3 DOW; 20th December 1914: 26 KIA and 1 DOW)

Officers Died for December:

Casualties for December - Lt Creagh, Lt Norman and 64 other ranks killed; 3 officers, 123 other ranks wounded; 46 other ranks missing. Up to the end of December the Battalion had suffered 25% casualties, after going into the trenches on 26th October.

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