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Vimy Ridge 2007

April 2007 marks the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, and as fate would have it, the 90th Anniversary falls on Easter Monday, as did the original attack. And you have a chance to be there, on Vimy Ridge, on Easter Monday, April 9th 2007, to be a part of history.

In 1917 Vimy Ridge was a strategic 14-kilometre long escarpment that overlooks the Douai plain of France. German occupying troops controlled the ridge using a network of trenches that snaked along the crest and down into the valley, connecting with another network of natural caves. 150,000 French and British soldiers had died trying to take it back and had been unable. Allied commanders believed the ridge to be impregnable. But the Canadians had a plan, the first battle strategy for this new nation's commanders to conceive and execute on their own. So the Canadian army - all four divisions, totalling 100,000 men - got the go-ahead. All four Canadian divisions would be attacking side by side for the first time.

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Vimy Poppy

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Vimy Medallion, struck in 1936 for the Pilgrimage